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me too
Max and Leona
Thank you everyone!
Mike and Carmen
We can all dance in our living rooms!
Stella Cooper
This proves what a small group of people can do when they believe in something!
Mike and Carmen
Thank you Gloria and Fred!
Kim and Rob Desprez
Thank you, everyone!!
Kelly Grover
Thanks everyone!!!!
Stella Cooper
Good night, thank you Gloria and Fred!
Thank you all!
Iori Kokotailo
Thank you for making this event happen again.
Brian and Kristine Kerr
Well done everyone! Thank you so much, Gloria and Fred.
Nancy Kotush
Many thanks to all of the generous sponsors, donors, and bidders!
WOW! Thanks, everyone. xoxo
wow! Thank you all
thank-you all
Andrew Hudec
Thank you! Great evening!
Stella Cooper
Stay safe and well!
Caroline Chilvers
Well done! Thank you to everyone! xx
Anna and Andre Gravelle
Congratulations! Fantastic evening, thanks to all
Katherine Campbell
What a great evening. Congratulations on a great event.
Greg and Grace
Good night everyone!!! Way to go volunteers and everyone involved in being such awesome human beings.
Kelly Grover
Congrats all! Thanks so much for all you have done.
Nancy Kotush
Congratulations! Many thanks to all of the generous sponsors, donors, and bidders!
George Dori-Ann Stubos
Wonderful event. Thank you to all who hosted, volunteered & contributed1 xo
Megan Leslie
Fantastic! Hello from Matt & Megan!
Frances Herzer
Thank you everyone!
Tech Support - Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Thank you everyone for attending. Please check out our webpage for more information about all our efforts https://www.cysticfibrosis.ca/
Brad Guinevere and Stuart Sanderson
thank you all so much for your support it means so much we did so well from stuart
Hello from Ontario . Jan and kids !
Deb Wardle
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