American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., understands the roles pharmacists and pharmacy owners take on every day and the intricacies involved in successfully operating a community pharmacy. That’s what makes APCI stand out from other pharmacy buying groups. 

APCI has been supporting its members since 1984 with products and services that go beyond the profit and loss statement to help community pharmacies thrive in a competitive and ever-changing environment.

Our services include:

APCI Choice Clinical and Claims Management: APCI CHOICE is the evolution of clinical services and claims management for independent pharmacy! CHOICE provides the customer service and personal relationships APCI members have come to expect, and offers the following services:

  • ResolveRx: ResolveRx reconciliation ensures third-party payments match the claims processed during adjudication, down to the claim level.
  • PRO Wellness: Through CHOICE’s partnership with PrescribeWellness, the PRO Wellness dashboard offers a wide range to tools and information to members.
  • Pre/Post Edits: Automated actionable claim messaging enables a pharmacy’s staff to make faster, more informed decisions needed to improve revenue potential and productivity.
  • Medversant: CHOICE’s partnership with Medversant provides continuous roster monitoring for licensing, DEA, OIG, SAM, and state sanctions.
  • Comprehensive Audit Prevention Services (CAPS): CAPS is designed to equip independent pharmacies with the assistance and tools needed to successfully navigate through the audit process.

Pharmacy Retailing Operations (PRO):  PRO provides APCI members with valuable resources related to the financial and operational needs of independent pharmacies. With an emphasis on improving business efficiency and effectiveness, our goal is to provide you with the tools and information necessary to increase profits and reduce costs.

Legislative Affairs: The mission of APCI’s Legislative Affairs division is to promote and protect the political and economic interests of all APCI members. To accomplish that mission, Legislative Affairs:

  • Provides lobbyist and/or legislative assistance in all APCI member states
  • Identifies pharmacy-friendly political candidates and generate funding to support them
  • Contributes to state associations and organizations with similar legislative focus
  • Identifies political leaders to meet and key meetings or conferences to attend
  • Establishes routine and structured legislative meetings in each state

Professional and Clinical Affairs: APCI’s Professional and Clinical Affairs department is exploring many ways for APCI members to not only survive, but also to thrive, as the role of pharmacy grows in the world of health care.

Professional and Clinical Affairs is investigating many programs and services to assist our members in the clinical arena, such as adherence programs, MTM, immunization training, and diabetes management, just to name a few.

The focus on clinical pharmacy will help increase a pharmacy’s CMS Star ratings, improve patient health, and bring new revenue streams to pharmacies. At independent pharmacies, an increase in quality means better patient care and value. Professional and Clinical Affairs is also working with APCI Choice to create model plans for PBMs that will enhance overall Star ratings. 

Front End Development: Utilizing APCI’s Front End Development programs can generate traffic for your store!

The Front End Development process begins with our Circular Program. With this program, you get monthly themed circulars customized for your store. The circulars are either direct mailed for you by APCI or shipped to your local newspaper or shopper for distribution. The circular is available in three format sizes ranging from 50 to 85 items

A good way to keep traffic in your store generated by the circulars flowing smoothly is by having advertised products prominently displayed prior to the beginning sale date, pre-priced shelf talkers in place, and window signs visibly hung in windows. And, of course, an effective and efficient point-of-sale system will help keep your store’s cash flow moving smoothly.

Advertising and Marketing: Tap into APCI’s “in-house’ creative pool – The professionals of APCI’s Advertising and Marketing Team!

A pharmacy is a business, and — like all businesses — must be marketed and sold to your community. Unfortunately, it isn’t true that “if you build it they will come”; most businesses need little extra push to be successful, and that is where APCI’s Advertising and Marketing services come in.

APCI’s Advertising and Marketing team is ideally suited to the task of helping you get the word out about your business and driving traffic to your pharmacy. Fueled by your specific needs and our desire to help you grow, the APCI Advertising and Marketing experts are ready and eager to put their creative capabilities to work for you!

As you can see, APCI is a buying group with competitive invoice pricing. But APCI is so much more, with products and services to support our more than 1,800 members day in and day out.

Contact us today, and see what it’s like to have the strength, stability, innovation, and unrivaled service of APCI working to support YOUR pharmacy’s success!