Your number one priority is the care you deliver to your patients.  At McKesson Pharmacy Systems, our number one priority is knowing you have the tools you need to do it; because we know the software and technology you have behind the counter directly impacts the care you can provide in front of it.

When you partner with McKesson Pharmacy Systems, you’re not just getting EnterpriseRx®, one of the most clinically-driven pharmacy management systems on the market, you’re getting a solution to help you improve pharmacy performance, efficiency, and profitability while helping you provide clinical services that empower you to be more actively involved in patient care. Integrated with advanced workflow based clinical programs, EnterpriseRx gives you the power to leverage every patient visit by having meaningful counseling sessions to determine adherence, evaluate risks, and create customized medication care plans. All leading to better patient outcomes and reduced readmissions.

With EnterpriseRx, you’re one step closer to keeping your patients, and your pharmacy healthier today….and tomorrow.