Importance of a consistent shopping experience 

Creating a consistent shopping experience for customers increases their likeliness of coming back to your pharmacy.  From your pharmacy’s exterior to the storefront, through the aisles, all the way to the pharmacy counter, guiding your customers every step of the way is what customers expect from every store they visit. 


The Health Mart Brand Essentials Kit 

The minimum requirement for franchisees is to display the Health Mart Brand Essentials kit which includes an LED sign and four window graphics. You can order the kit and additional interior signage on myHealthMart. 


Steps to become brand compliant: 

  • Order the Brand Essentials Kit. 

  • Install the signs included in the kit and take photos of your pharmacy’s exterior. 


New look and feel! 

The entire store décor product line was recently refreshed to a modern look. Spruce up your pharmacy with new aisle markers, custom environmental graphics, additional décor items like floor mats – and more! Health Mart Signage and Décor is your one-stop-shop for your store décor needs: 

Visit to get started!