Mobile HD Production

Mobile HD Video Production

By enabling lower-cost remote production while retaining the quality and standard expected of high-profile broadcast events, ORCA opens the market up to smaller companies and gives producers an all-round better way to expand their coverage and meet consumer demand for coverage of more local sports and other live events.

ORCA is suitable for a wide range of applications and events including:

• Division I, II, and III college sports events
• High School sports events
• Local and regional professional sports teams
• Political events
• Corporate events
• Live concerts and rallies

ORCA delivers a predictable and consistent production experience with outstanding results, and gives producers, operators and production companies the remote solution they need to successfully provide high-quality content in this exciting and burgeoning market. With ORCA, broadcasters and other producers get reliable and ready access to a less-expensive production vehicle while maintaining the high-quality production values, sophisticated graphics packages and consistency of final product.  ORCA is licensed to operate anywhere in Canada and the United States.

For inquiries about the ORCA Broadcast Truck
call toll-free at 1-800-909-7928