Press Conferences Audio Visual – Tell The World Your Story

SW’s Media Services Division is your ideal partner for executing a flawless audio visual at your press conference or media event. Whether you need an extensive indoor production or just a small outdoor podium and PA system setup, we’re ready to help you share your story.

We understand that some announcements, product launches and press conferences are planned weeks ahead of time, while others are prepared only hours in advance – either way, we’re here to make sure your media communications are successful. SW Media Services’ experienced technicians will manage your media event’s technical needs so that you can focus on your message.

Your Message Heard Loud and Clear

Press Conference Audio

  • Professional Microphones of all Types
  • Sound systems for large groups
  • Press Feed Multi-Box
  • Telephone Bridge for Off-Site Press Members
press conference staging services

The Power of Visual Communication

press conference advanced audio visual

Lighting and Video solutions

  • Television Lighting Indoors and Outdoors
  • LCD Screens, Projectors & Big LED Screens
  • Teleprompters
  • Telecast & Live Streaming Services

The Perfect Backdrop

Stage & Room Design

  • Multiple Podium/Lectern Options

  • Drape & Décor Backdrop Solutions
  • Stage Decks and Raised Platforms
  • National/Provincial Flag Kits
press conference podiums

All the Little Details

press conferences audio visual services

Everything Else

  • Clean Setups with Hidden Cabling

  • Temporary Event Power

  • Stanchions & Crowd Control

  • Easels & Signage Support