Lighting is a key element to any presentation or performance. It highlights the presenters and creates the mood or ambiance of the event or presentation.  Creative, knowledgeable people tied to the latest technology tools in lighting make for a great event experience. Our lighting directors take our diverse inventory of lighting instruments and special lighting effects and create a dynamic visual setting for your event or performance.


Colour changing lighting allow for your venue to be almost any colour. The use of control and programming with this style of lighting completely changes the mood and environment of a room.  Our lighting directors can work with your event coordinators to match the environment to your themes and brands and program different looks for changing segments throughout your event.


Some clients we have provided lighting services for:

  • Government of British Columbia
  • RE/MAX of Western Canada
  • Skate Canada
  • Tourism British Columbia
  • Live Nation

Lighting Consoles

  • High End Systems Road Hogs
  • Grand MA2 Light
  • Chamsys

Computer Automated Fixtures

  • Martin Mac 101
  • Martin Mac 250
  • Martin Mac 350
  • Martin Mac 500
  • Martin Mac 700
  • Martin Mac 2k
  • Martin Mac Aura
  • Elation 5R Beams

Additional Lighting & Effects

  • Follow Spot Lights (Small & Large Arena-Sized Spot Lights)
  • Conventional Stage & Décor Fixtures (Leko and Fresnel)
  • Lighting Stands, Trussing & Motors
  • 3 Point Video Lighting Kits
  • Filmgear Power LED 360
  • LED Wash Lights (white and custom colour)
  • Various Dimmers
  • Small to Large Venue Hazers and Foggers
  • CO2 Jets

Additional lighting fixtures available.  Please call for detailed inventory.

Truss and Motors

  • 16″ Box Truss
  • 12″ Box Truss
  • Custom Shapes
  • Stage Master motors

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