At SW Event Technology, our job is to make you always sound your best. To make sure that your message is heard loud and clear, we determine what the best system is for each event, as not all speakers are created equally. We can service a wide range of events from a small conference or meeting to a full-scale concert.

Our sound technicians and project managers are focused on the success of your event, whether it’s a keynote address in a hotel ballroom, a seminar featuring a panel of experts or a concert in a large arena. We provide custom quotes and setups, site visits to your location, a project manager to answer all of your questions and professional, onsite technicians.


SW Event Technology can provide sound systems that ensure your guests can hear the speaker, no matter the size of the room.

  • Scalable systems to accommodate small to large crowds
  • Deliver your message clearly to every person in the room
  • Wide range of microphones, from lavalieres and wireless handhelds to podium mics
  • On-time delivery and set-up of PA equipment
  • Expert sound technicians on hand to make you sound your best

Whether you’re rocking out or enjoying some mellow tunes, the music is the star of the show and the sound needs to be perfect. Our performance concert systems are sophisticated and scalable array systems. SW sound engineers and crew can take your concert to the next level and have the crowd cheering “ENCORE!”.

  • Multi-channel Mixers and effects
  • L’Acoustics & JBL Line Array Systems
  • Computer-modeled and – designed performance parameters of each event environment
  • On-time delivery and set-up of PA equipment
  • Digitally monitored speakers and dynamic audio measurement to ensure even sound coverage

From small speakers on stands to concert caliber arrayed systems:

  • L’Acoustics Line array system
  • JBL Vertec Line Array systems
  • Martin LC Line Array
  • Martin W8 Speakers
  • EAW KF Series Speakers
  • EAW SM Series Monitors
  • JBL PRX Speakers
  • In-ear Monitors

6, 12, 24, 40, 48 Channel frames and more:

  • Midas M32
  • Roland M Series
  • Avid SC48
  • Avid Profile
  • Yamaha Digital PM Series Mixers
  • Mackie SM Series Mixers

Shotgun, studio, condenser, lavaliere microphones and more:

  • Shure SM Series
  • Sennheiser G3 Series
  • Shure Wireless U4D Series
  • Shure Wireless ULX-P Series
  • Shure Wireless QLX Series
  • Slim Line Headsets
  • Bosch Congress Microphone Systems

We have a massive inventory of sound equipment, call us today to discuss your event audio needs.

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